Sunday, December 8, 2013

Twelve Days Celebrating the Inspiration of Jennifer Paganelli!

Jennifer how we love you! You have inspired so many of us we thought it would be fun to celebrate YOU! So for the next twelve days, we are celebrating Jennifer Paganelli and all that she does to encourage and inspire us!

Jennifer Paganelli inspires me to mix up her fabrics and dabble in non sewing projects. My daughter is wearing a dress made from knit and Sis Boom woven fabrics that make me swoon. I have blogged about the dress recently so I won't go into the construction again, you can look at the last few posts and find the details there. I just love how her fabrics work well together from one fabric line to another. Jennifer has been posting on Facebook all her beautiful Christmas items she has created for her home show. Many you can purchase in her shop. She posted those gorgeous sequin trees several times, I finally had to give it a try. She sells them and I highly recommend buying one. They are very time consuming and who wants a replica when you can buy an original?!? Did I mention the words time consuming? Yes I planned to make two and as you can see I have one. Shop is linked above. Just sayin'. They are absolutely gorgeous.
 The tree disappeared into my daughters room right away. Even though it was really meant for our mantel. I get her enthusiasm, Jennifer does that to me too.

My Sis Boom Connection Story

Jennifer has been a mentor and cheerleader for me. She has encouraged me to put myself out there creatively and how ever grateful I am that she gave me those little pushes! I know when I finally, yes I still plan to take it a step further, and turn this into something bigger, I know she will be there, ever faithfully cheering me on. She is a good person and friend.

I found Jennifer in a Country Living magazine. I believe I have the right publication. If I remember correctly it was her Christmas wreaths that drew me in. Somewhere in the magazine I found her blog website. I had never looked at a creative blog much less read one. I was blown away. At the time I still viewed myself as a quilter even though I had started dabbling in little pieces clothing for my daughter and some bags. So fabric love was already in my bones to say the least. When I saw her fabric on her blog I just DIED. The colors were so vibrant, beautiful and girlie. The little seed of "I gotta have that Sis Boom fabric"was planted.

  I lurked around her blog for a while, commenting here and there, and then finally contacted her about a giveaway she was hosting. I was travelling at the time and not too social media savvy so I was worried I might miss the give away announcement. In her response she said something like I was cute and asked for my address. I didn't win the contest, but when I got home, I was in for a pleasant surprise. She had sent me a box of her beautiful fabrics. I was floored by how much more beautiful everything was in person, but more so, I was floored by her generosity. I mean seriously. Who sends another person that much fabric without any expectation in return? Well, Jennifer Paganelli does, that's who! I got to sewing that fabric and the rest is history.

As for finding her in the Country Living magazine. A good while back I went through a box of magazine clippings and found I had pulled several magazine pages with different Sis Boom creations on them. I was a fan way back when, before I even knew her name. So you know when I glow about Jennifer's work, it's not because she sends me fabric or the fact that we have become friends, her style really resonates with me. I am a fan to the core. I mean it when I glow! But you already knew that.

I know I have shared my story about my friendship with Jennifer Paganelli before. I remember different aspects of it each time. So forgive me if it sounds a little bit different each time. I don't remember every detail every time I write about it! I see it from a different angle each time. All true, just different aspects of my memories.

Jennifer has brought so many awesome online sewing friends in my life. It's really amazing how connecting with her ended up shaping so much of my life the past five years or so. I could go on and on but I won't. I want you to take note of my friends listed below and for the next 12 days check their blogs and learn how Jennifer Paganelli has inspired them. Many of them spend their time working on creating beautiful things to sell as opposed to blogging so make sure you check out their shops too and be prepared to be awed! So much talent! Enjoy!

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  1. I LOVE to hear your story every time!! So keep telling it :) Your Christmas tree is adorable…I need to make one before Christmas is here!!!

  2. What a pretty tree! I loved reading your blog post--delightful! I laughed out loud in a couple of spots just from enjoyment. Thanks for sharing your tribute to Jennifer P!

  3. Love this! Love you both! We have such a great community centered around an amazing woman who encourages us all.

  4. What a sweet, sweet story!! You never know how something small or BIG like sending some fabric can affect someone. Love that!

    Crystal Baker-Hanson