Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today's Guest Blogger is Tom Jordan of HeavenleighBlessings Boutique

 I am so incredibly honored to have Tom Jordan as guest. If you have not discovered his amazing dresses you really need to check out his Facebook page. His dresses are very hard to secure in an auction and naturally because of the demand, they sell for a small fortune. His work is worth every penny. He is very meticulous in his construction and carefully chooses fabrics and embroidery patterns. He is such an artist, seriously get over to his page and get ready to be inspired. 

So our celebration of all things Sis Boom continues! Are you keeping up? Oh my word, the amazing projects people are coming up with! Stunning! So lets view what Tom has whipped up and read his celebration post!

The first time I laid my eyes upon some SisBoom fabric, I just knew I had to have some!  Little did I know back then, that I would be so honored to actually meet and become friends with Jennifer Paganelli, the talented lady behind these glorious fabrics.

My name is Tom and I am the designer behind HeavenleighBlessings Boutique. ..I design and sell mostly Custom Boutique clothing for children traveling to DisneyWorld.  I love to quilt and sew for my family too, whenever I have the time!

When looking for a project to sew to feature on this blog post, I grabbed my newest quilt magazine for inspiration.  The winter 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Quilts and More had a pretty pillow pictured on the front cover and I just knew it would be glorious made in SisBoom fabrics.  After reading the instructions, and measuring the pillows that I had on hand, I realized it would be too large for them.  I decided I could either shrink down the pattern to fit, or change it up a bit to create a festive wall hanging to add a bright touch of Christmas cheer in our bedroom.  I opted for the wall hanging!  

I added a couple of extra borders and some pinwheel peppermint blocks in the corners to add a little touch of whimsy!  

Now grab your scraps of SisBoom fabrics and create something fun for the holidays!
The blog tour continues!!!


  1. Love the quilt and Tom, your dresses are AMAZING!

    Crystal Baker-Hanson