Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Leighanna Met Knit and Fell in Love

Have you tried the Sis Boom patterns in knit? I thought I would give the Sis Boom Leighanna Peasant Dress a whirl. What resulted was a flowy comfy dress that quickly disappeared into my little girl's room.

 I did not make any modifications to the pattern other than I just left the ruffle edges raw. They roll just the teeniest bit and it adds to the charm(less than what was in the picture I promise! The sleeves got flipped up and I didn't catch it!). For the tie I used glitter elastic. It is fairly thick and tends to roll a bit so if you go this route you might want to play with the length. When we cut the ties shorter, everything just laid down better. This knit is super duper soft and just the right weight for a dress. I don't see the knit on the website but I am going to link a knit that has the exact same feel, you will love it. Link is here. It has a wonderful drape. The glitter elastic is so wonderful you might want to stock up. I have some more ideas floating in my head! Both came from the ever wonderful Banberry Place.

Out she came with it today to wear to her school for out of uniform day. She was giddy! I had to fix her hair extra special just for the occasion. Move over cute Gap skinny jeans with jeweled cuffs, Sis Boom is in town and you have been left hanging in the closet! I was so touched she chose what I made instead of something off the rack. She has gotten picky so that is a high complement!

Today she paired the dress with denim looking knit leggings I made and her new Ugg Boots recently given to her by a doting aunt(not this sweet aunt). Everybody wants to be my sisters' niece. She already had her coat on, and her bun is not visible but you get the happy idea! She is featured with one of my sisters who spent the day with her at school volunteering. See why everybody wants to be my sisters' niece??? They both dote on my kids, showering them with love and attention. Blessed.

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  1. Love it! She's precious! I showed my little love bug to see if she would like one. She said that your Miss. Priss rocked that dress but she would rather have the boots. HA! Gotta love her!

    Crystal Baker-Hanson