Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Land Holidays!

I am so happy to finally have time to finish sewing up this new Sis Boom dress for my daughter! She has created quite a fondness for knit fabrics. Who can blame her, they are so cozy and comfy! So to honor her love for knits and our collective love for Sis Boom, I took a knit top pattern and mixed in some of our favorite Sis Boom prints and came up with this dress.

The top is a very modified Violet Field Threads Madelyn top. I used the pattern pieces and the construction method for the collar but that is about it. I did not line the top, instead I used binding on the neck and arm holes. I also made the back one solid piece, no buttons. OH and I chopped off about 4 inches from the bottom of the top.

The knit I used is an interlock knit from Banberry Place. It is so incredibly soft. It does NOT have lycra in it so extra caution should be taken when sewing up the seams. I used tissue paper to sew the seams. I just laid the tissue down first then stacked the shirt on top and sewed. Then I ripped the tissue paper away from the seam when I finished sewing. A little bit of paper stays but the results are so worth it! No stretched out seams, everything is nice and flat, it works like a DREAM! Seriously you will love this method! It frees you up to sew more knits! Give it a try and tell me what you think! I found the tip online but I cannot find it again. If you see one, you can link it in your comment or I can just do another tutorial for you. Now I will say because I sewed this dress in stages, I forgot to use the tissue on the neckline, so the neckline in the back is not as flat as I would like but everything else is perfection! And the tissue would have totally taken care of that neckline! I just forgot, the front did not need it with the woven collar. I just sewed up the back before realizing I needed to use tissue! Oh well, her hair is long anyway!

I also took advice from Brownie Goose's blog and attached clear elastic to the bottom edge of the knit top before attaching the woven skirt. It gives the knit strength with all the extra weight from the sash and bow, and it keeps the knit from being wavy and wonky looking after attaching the skirt.

 The woven fabrics are Sis Boom Happy Land and Super Fly. If you can get your hands on these prints, I highly encourage you to do so! We really love this combination. Jennifer is such a color and pattern master. She never ceases to amaze or delight us!

The leggings are a leopard print stretch lace. What a FIND! I found it in a clearance bin at Hobby Lobby. I used Riley Blake crochet lace to finish off the bottom edge of the legs. I just treated the lace like knit and used a zig zag stitch for the whole thing. We will see how that goes! It survived the pictures....=D No, I think it should hold. I have made lace leggings before and they held up just fine with a zig zag stitch.

 So happy to be sewing during this holiday break! Are you sewing too? What are you working on? Stay warm! Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. That is great!! Love the dress and those leggings are so fun. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too! :)

    Crystal Baker-Hanson

  2. ooh love the leggings. And the dress of course. Great mix n match (of patterns) there!