Thursday, April 10, 2014

MODKID SUMMER FUN BLOG TOUR and a Giveaway! Updated.

The contest is now closed. KellyS you are our winner! Yaaaaay!!! 

Woo hoo it's my turn to share with you the new MODKID Summer Fun book! Written by Patty Young of MODKID and published by C&T Publishing this is a darling book filled with not just seven but seven stylish projects for 18" dolls. I love it! Available in paperback and ebook you are going to have so much fun sewing up the projects! My daughter and I have poured over the pictures and started making plans for her dollies! We are so excited! Eek!

For our first project I made the t-shirt and cargo shorts. Oh my word the details on the cargo shorts! SO CUTE! We are in love with the pockets. You never know what your dolly will find and need to store away in her pocket. Oh I am getting carried away! No wait, carried away is modelling your dolly outside in front of a lemon balm plant so the picture has a more natural look. Oh my! I just couldn't go with the walls in my house. Too plain! Besides the natural light makes her skin glow and her hair glisten...I do hope you are giggling by now.

The t-shirt is the perfect coordinate for the shorts and you will have so much fun playing around with the fabrics for all the pattern pieces. One of the great things about both of these projects is you can use your scraps. You know I particularly love that about the knit top as I have a harder time coming up with small projects for leftover bits of knits. My knit scraps usually get confiscated into my daughter's play room where they become rugs, blankets, and scarves. I am wondering if she will mind me taking them back...wait she took them from me to begin with! Never mind! I am taking them back! Besides she will totally love having more dolly tees.

My daughter wants to try making the sleeping bag and pillow. She is hesitant about the zipper but after making the Jack and Jill Zip-Up Jacket, I am confident she will be just fine! Of course I will be helping her all along the way, but the zipper is not hard at all on the jacket so I imagine the sleeping bag will be just as easy. I will let you know when I post about her sewing up the sleeping bag.

 Do you love a giveaway? I sure do! I don't know that I have ever hosted a giveaway, but this book is so fun I really want you to have an opportunity to enjoy it. So please leave a comment and I will pick a winner tomorrow!
Please note that US residents will receive a printed copy, while non-US residents will receive a digital copy. The contest has closed.

If you are just getting on the tour or if you are hopping along, here is the entire blog hop schedule! Be sure to check out all the blogs and see what they have sewn from the book!

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Happy sewing guys and gals! I hope your day is as beautiful there as it is here!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Judy's Fancy Pants and Katie's too!

I am so, SO incredibly honored to introduce to you the Sis Boom Judy's Fancy Pants and Katie's too! Oh wow! I don't know if you know Judy Buchanan of Hickity Pickity but if you don't, you need to! We met through our mutual love of all things Sis Boom and she has become such a dear friend to me. She has such a beautiful, kind, generous, creative, and wise spirit.  She is someone I intend to meet in real life one day. (Judy, I am totally coming to Florida at some point! Sis Boom in tow!)  I know it is going to be like picking up where we left off in a conversation, like old friends. Well we kind of are old friends! We've just never seen each other in real life! Ha! Have you ever thought about that with your online friends? It's some ways like having a digital penpal so to speak. So awesome. The internet can be such a wonderful place. And you know, in case you are new to the Sis Boom community, that is where Judy and I met. Jennifer Paganelli and her beautiful work and spirit brings the kindest people out of the woodwork. If you are looking for sewing friends online, the Sis Boom community is a great place to start. I love my Sis Boom Sisters and Bro!

Carla Crim, author, Jennifer Paganelli's pattern creator and founder and brainchild of Scientific Seamstress, is amazing. I don't know how you could be a long time reader of my blog and not have tried her patterns yet. You know I am such a fan. She really sets the bar high for pattern writing. She is someone I greatly admire. I just bought her two latest books. Just wait. I am going to blog about them, you need to start saving your pennies! You need these books! But that is another post. Back to the patterns at hand.

If you like pants with a little playful flare then you are going to love these pants! The Judy's Fancy pants, size XS(0) to 3X(26) are the women's version and the Katie's Fancy Pants, size 12 months to 12 years, are the girl's version. Both pants are designed the same with pretty much the same options with the exception that the Katie's have an optional ruffle at the bottom. The pants can have a loose fit as shown or you can size down to have a a more fitted dressed up look. You choose the rise, high or low. My daughter is wearing the high, I am wearing the low. You can add exterior pockets or leave them off and create a flat front or make the entire waistband elasticized. The patterns include instructions to create faux piping to the pockets and hem or you can add your own trims if you like. I added teeny rick-rack I found at JoAnn's to the pockets of ours.

 You know I cannot present a pattern without taking a moment to swoon over the fabric. Both pants are from Jennifer Paganelli's Circa. Collective swoon! The print I am wearing is the stunning Lauren. You need to hoard this print. Seriously how can you not? Love. The print my daughter is wearing is the precious Bradley. Pink and green, tiny hearts and flowers, Bradley is the ultimate girly print! Circa is a dreamy line. If you are gearing up to make spring dresses I highly recommend you stock up on Circa. You will be seeing more Circa love coming from me.

 You know what I think is so wonderful about my venture into sewing clothing and blogging? The friendship and friendly banter with you all is wonderful. I so enjoy conversing with you all. I really do. But you know what is even better than that? As awesome as that is? This venture of mine has created a unique bond between me and my daughter. We talk a lot about fashion, art and design and that carries over into so many other conversations. Conversations that are important and will evolve into deeper talking and understanding as she gets older. I totally credit Jennifer Paganelli for this. She has been my cheerleader every step of the way. Love you sweetjenniferkate!


So don't delay! Go purchase out the Judy's and Katie's Fancy Pants and show us your creations!  While you are there take a moment to admire Judy's beautiful daughter and precious grandbaby girl! They are so incredibly endearing! Love them!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The oh so sweet CECE by MODKID is available!

I've had the honor to once again test for sweet Patty Young. This time I tested the CECE Lap Neck Dress and Top downloadable PDF pattern. Oh honey! Patty has hit this one out of the park! So girly and sweet you can make a dress or a top, pieced or solid skirt, long or short sleeves, with or with out the sash AND the sash can be worn with the bow in the front or back. Phew! Got all that? You could continuously make these for the next month and never have the same combination. The options are endless! I already have another one in the works.

 I chose to make the top size 8/9. I did not piece the skirt and if you are a longtime MODKID fan like me you might notice something familiar. The bias binding! Made with the same technique in mind, the bias trim is the same method as used in the MODKID Kyoko.

And you know I cannot stifle our excitement over the fabrics I used in the CECE. Jennifer Paganelli's Circa! It is so incredibly swoon worthy. If you have not stocked up yet I suggest you get on it. It will be disappearing soon enough to make way for new lines like Beauty Queen and Good Company! Now I will have to say the bow and bias is from an earlier line of Jennifer Paganelli's, Pretty Please, you can try to find it but it has been out of print for a while. But not to worry. Circa has all the coordinates you need to pull off this look.

As for the leggings I used a wonderful knit called Azur Lace from Banberry Place. It is very soft and easy to work with and coordinates very well with Circa.

Well what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy the CECE! Your girl is going to love it and will want all the options available! Might even make her suspend in mid-air from her excitement. You never know! Make one and see for yourself! Ha! I have another new pattern to share with you so stay tuned!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Did you hear??? MODKID Jack and Jill Unisex Zip-Up Jacket is available!!!

I am so excited to announce the MODKID Jack and Jill Zip-Up hoodie pdf pattern is available for purchase!

This pattern is sure to be a winner with your guy or girl! It is a fully lined zip-up hoodie with wrap around pockets. You can sew it up with any stretchy fabric such as; stretch velour, sweatshirt fleece, french terry, or jersey. It is your choice! I was flipping through the latest Mini Boden catalog today, which is full of cute hoodie jackets in different substrates, and after seeing their jackets in darling towelling, I think this would be awesome in towelling for an after swim jacket! Anybody have a resource for cute towelling? Sigh... oh to dream the possibilities!

My daughter is sporting the size 8/9 with an exterior of stretch velour I purchased a good while back from Dots n Stripes and the lining, pockets, and tabs are in yummy Stenzo jersey from Banberry Place. This jacket is so cuddly, I want one! I would live in it! She has been wearing it every chance she can get!

AND you know what? I had an aha moment when I was testing this pattern. I think it would be so very awesome to pair this jacket with Patty's Yoga Pants from her book, Sewing MODKID Style.

Do you have her book? It is a great sewing with knits starter book. The book is filled with cute projects that will keep you busy for a good long while. Your knit loving girl will love your creations. Seriously. You need to get the book!

So I was planning to cut out the pants at the same time but thought I should just stick to testing the pattern so I would not be late turning in my notes and pictures. I am hoping to get to those pants soon! They are so quick to make! But I am testing another pattern right now and trying to get out a quilt-a-long for you so give me some time!

So what are you waiting for??? Hop on over to MODKID on Etsy, purchase the Jack and Jill and give it a whirl!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Today's Guest Blogger is Becky Coilins of Granny B's Clothesline

Becky Collins! Oh I love Becky! So talented and kind. Yet again I am honored to have another talented friend on my blog! Becky makes the BEST children's clothing for her shows AND she sells them on her facebook page, so be sure to go and like her on Facebook to get in on the pretties! Lets read on to find out how Becky is celebrating Jennifer Paganelli!

Jennifer Paganelli, just the name stirs up creative juices for me. I've been a fan from the first day I saw that Girlfriends line years ago.  The Karen is my all time favorite.  I love everything about Jennifer the fabric, naturally, but her kind, caring spirit is the best. Her fabric designs are so charming just enough retro mixed with modern girlie designs and colors to die for.  the best thing I love is how they all work together. Scraps from girlfriends are right at home when mixed with lucky girl.  I was so excited when she responded to me after sharing a photo years ago of something I had done.  She's such an inspiration to women and I'm proud to call her friend.
For this blog hop everyone has shown you beautiful things made with sis boom fabrics so I thought if go another way. I am always inspired by her crafty, glittery, decorations in Girls World.  So when I found an old box of Christmas decorations in the attic of the house I love in you know the first thing I thought of? Jennifer Paganelli! Taking inspiration from her beautiful photos I put together several small wreaths and table settings from the things I found.
Here are just a few of them.

Becky Collins
Handmade & marked with a B!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Today's Guest Blogger is Suzanna McKeon of Hold It Right There

Suzanna McKeon is a new Sis Boom friend for me. She is so incredibly talented with her bag designs.


 I have had the honor of sewing up and testing one of her darling purses and I am here to tell you, you need to give her patterns a go! Well written and fresh designs, you are sure to find a purse pattern you will love in her shop. So without further introduction, here is her Sis Boom celebration!


As I write this, it is about as un-Caribbean a setting as it gets in St. Louis. An icy snow crusts the ground on a mere 25°F morning. As my daughter and I were out shopping yesterday, a milky grey dome of sky hovered bleakly above us. The sun’s rays barely penetrated.

Droopy weather is what we called it. It reminded me of my growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, near Lake Erie with its lake effect snow. For six months, from Halloween until my birthday in early April, snow and grey skies are to be expected.

In Cleveland, spring is fairly intoxicating. After so many months of cold and darkness, the sound of melting ice, a warm sweetness in the wind, and the gradual return of color flooded my soul with delight. Shedding my winter coat prematurely, I would drink in every shade and glimmer of spring.

This need for color left its mark on me. It is no wonder I am drawn to Jennifer Paganelli’s sun-infused fabrics. She has captured in textiles the feeling of the sun: warming the skin, igniting the landscape, heralding its setting. Her riot of color is magical. It feels alive. When I run low on fabrics and place an order for more Sis Boom yardage, I feel more like I am restocking paint tubes of fuchsia or mustard. 

All of this color gives Jennifer’s fabrics a playfulness. It beckons experimentation and strict rules of matching go out the window, sending ripples of inspiration. My stash of Jennifer’s fabrics spend more time in disorderly piles on an antique I refinished, than neatly folded away. I think of this as a paint palette approach. Not with a brush, but with folds of cotton, I continuously find unique mixes and new combinations. Following Jennifer on facebook, I am dazzled by the fabrics other Sis Boom fans blend together.

As bright a pink or as stunning a green, all of this bold color is not without elegance and femininity. This is Jennifer’s genius. Her art combines a by-gone feel with modern sensibilities. She finds the perfect pitch of classic loveliness without ever wandering into stuffy. There is a gentleness supported by strength that characterizes all of her prints.

 The sun is just rising now. Skeleton branches of trees are etched black against the grey sky. Snow frosts my children’s swingset in our backyard. While my house is still quiet with sleepers, I think I’ll steal away to my basement sewing room and dabble a bit with Jennifer’s stunning fabric. On this bleak winter morning, I will sew my own sunrise.

To visit Suzanna’s sewing studio, see her Etsy shop:
and follow her on facebook:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today's Guest Blogger is Tom Jordan of HeavenleighBlessings Boutique

 I am so incredibly honored to have Tom Jordan as guest. If you have not discovered his amazing dresses you really need to check out his Facebook page. His dresses are very hard to secure in an auction and naturally because of the demand, they sell for a small fortune. His work is worth every penny. He is very meticulous in his construction and carefully chooses fabrics and embroidery patterns. He is such an artist, seriously get over to his page and get ready to be inspired. 

So our celebration of all things Sis Boom continues! Are you keeping up? Oh my word, the amazing projects people are coming up with! Stunning! So lets view what Tom has whipped up and read his celebration post!

The first time I laid my eyes upon some SisBoom fabric, I just knew I had to have some!  Little did I know back then, that I would be so honored to actually meet and become friends with Jennifer Paganelli, the talented lady behind these glorious fabrics.

My name is Tom and I am the designer behind HeavenleighBlessings Boutique. ..I design and sell mostly Custom Boutique clothing for children traveling to DisneyWorld.  I love to quilt and sew for my family too, whenever I have the time!

When looking for a project to sew to feature on this blog post, I grabbed my newest quilt magazine for inspiration.  The winter 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Quilts and More had a pretty pillow pictured on the front cover and I just knew it would be glorious made in SisBoom fabrics.  After reading the instructions, and measuring the pillows that I had on hand, I realized it would be too large for them.  I decided I could either shrink down the pattern to fit, or change it up a bit to create a festive wall hanging to add a bright touch of Christmas cheer in our bedroom.  I opted for the wall hanging!  

I added a couple of extra borders and some pinwheel peppermint blocks in the corners to add a little touch of whimsy!  

Now grab your scraps of SisBoom fabrics and create something fun for the holidays!
The blog tour continues!!!